Sensuous Description

“looks like, smells like, feels like, sounds like, even tastes like”

If she is sweet like a cherry, she will be blond. If she is mad like a devil, her hair will be red like the blanket of a bullfighter. So bright and strong that not even a horn can get through it. But when she decides to be free like an angel, her hair would be blue.

Blue like her crystal eyes, that take up half her face. So clear inside that you can see all the reflexions reflecting back. And when you look up, back at her hair, you can feel the ocean waves rolling down her neck. Making the room smell like sea. And when she talks you hear the songs, made by mermaids singing back at us.

Songs of love that make you dream, and with her lips you will taste the ocean breeze. At night her lips will be cold and sweet. Making no sound when you get a kiss. But in the morning you will taste a different thing. A hot and spicy kiss will make you scream.

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